The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center

Highlighting Addiction Services

2020 saw a record number of increases in drug and alcohol overdoses and death. More and more people are in search of services that can help, like those offered by The Ohana Luxury Drug Rehab in Hawaii.

Our goal with this project was to establish our client, The Ohana, as an authority in this space, as well as highlight their services.


The Project

Public Relations+ Expert Articles

We conducted media outreach pitching large national media like Newsweek, Healthline, Psych Central, and more.


We wrote high-quality articles featuring reliable sources – the kind of copywriting that gets placements in national online magazines like Newsweek.

Media Placements

Thanks to our efforts, The Ohana was featured in:

Article Writing + PR

Treatment Center Founder: Why Executives Struggling With Addiction Deserve Empathy

Addiction doesn’t get off the elevator before the C-suite floor.

Article Writing + PR

Rising Through Resilience

Elliott Michael Smith of The Ohana Addiction Treatment Center On The Five Things You Can Do To Become More Resilient